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Hey let's write a long update about yourself then have DA derp and not upload it at all! 
gee thank you DA for that lovely New Year gift! 
I better start typing then, huh?
Okay, so I know my last journal entry was pretty depressing, if not depressing, pathetic it is then. Although, it felt really good to let all my feelings out. Even if DA isn't a big site where I would open up about my personal business. It is certainly better than gushing everything out on Facebook. Speaking of which, I need to get this off of my chest. 

Facebook, in my blunt opinion, is not used for what Facebook is supposed to be. Facebook was meant to keep in contact with family and friends. Nowadays it is used to determine your self worth over the internet. Based on how many likes you can get, how many compliments you can get, and showing off pictures on Facebook to prove a silent response to others that your life is actually interesting. People have succumb to Facebook and become obsessed with other people's lives. It hurts a Facebook users self-esteem, you programmed in your mind that you need to self evaluate yourself to others on ANY social media network. Some users even go great lengths to try to compare people who are worse off than them to make themselves feel better. People in this generation, in THIS society, have began to use Facebook, and other sites as some sort of crutch. 

While I was in another rough emotional patch, Facebook is never the ideal place for me to wander around for very long (if at all). I started Facebook several years ago when I was lot younger, and really, really, really stupid. Cringes. My friends list grew from 5 friends, to 30, to 150, to 250, and almost 300! It dropped back around 200 when I began to delete people I no longer considered my friends, people who I have not spoken to in eons, and people who I wasn't quite sure who they were. Even people I felt I was starting to compare myself to, and I slowly forget all the milestones and personal achievements I have surpassed in my life. 

Eventually the list became shorter, down to 65 to be on point here, but what got longer was the people I had to block on my Facebook. From past circumstances, let me just say that there are people on Facebook who should not know I exist for the sake of my safety and my family. That is a lot of people. I had almost 70 people blocked from Facebook account. One thing people need to know about my fault is I am a very paranoid person. I had the thought that if I had one person blocked, maybe there was someone out there who could search for me that I did not know. Now the reason I say I am a very paranoid person is because I had my profile privatized, and I had it set to people could not search for me unless I added them as a friend. However, I think they did away with that option. 

So as of now, my Facebook is deactivated for a certain amount of time. They apparently have this option to "reactivate" your account at a certain time. As of now, my Facebook will be on a time out until it reactivates. That being said, I want to see how not sticking to social media will do for me. I want to see how it can change my thought process and how I view others, especially myself. Unlike most people, I did create my account to just keep in touch with old friends, and family members. That might keep me from deleting it altogether, but I have kept a strong consideration about who I have blocked from Facebook. In the end, I don't think it is really wise to stick around for much longer on social media. 

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